Sunday, January 16, 2011

Windows Azure Interview Questions and Answers

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Qu1: What is Windows Azure?
Ans: Windows Azure is Microsoft Cloud Computing OS. Someone needs to worry about the h\w requirement, n\w requirement and the correct OS and much other stuff when he starts designing an application. Windows Azure will help the developer to get rid of these things and let him concentrate on main area which is nothing but automation and business needs.  
Qu2: What is fabric?
Ans: In the Windows Azure cloud fabric is nothing but a combination of many virtualized instances which run client application.
Qu3: What is the downtime for applications in case of any patching?
Ans: Windows Azure will have replicas for each and every application and provide zero downtime in case of any security patching.
Qu4: How many copies of data are maintained in Windows Azure?
Ans: Windows Azure provides you with three copies of data. This makes your application running on very reliable data.
Qu5: What is queue storage in the Windows Azure?
Ans: Queue storage gives you capability of sending the small data just as messages. Queue storage basically helps informing the task to the worker threads.

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