Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SQL Azure Interview Questions and Answers Part - 2

Here you go with the second set of Interview question of SQL Azure:

Qu 5. What is the difference in accessing DB between SQL Server Vs SQL Azure?
Ans: YOu connect to directly DB in SQL Azure instead of connecting
 to SQL Server as we do in SQL Server. From application point of view, if you need to deal with many DBs, you have to write complete connection string again and again.

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Qu 6. What encryption security is available in SQL Azure?
Ans: Only SSL connections are supported. SET Encryption = TRUE

Qu 7. What is the Data Tier Application?
Ans: This is basically used for data deployment and started in 2008 R2. This is like a .rar file which is used to deploy the data.

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Qu 8. What is the max size of the DB in SQL Azure Web Edition?
Ans: Min 1GB and Max 5GB.

Qu 9. What is the index requirement in SQL Azure?
Ans: All tables must have clustered index. You can't have a table without clustered index.

Qu 10. How do you migrate data from MSSQL server to Azure?
Ans: bcp data out to one text file then bcp data in to Azure. Also read migrate data in eleven steps @ Brute Force Migration of Existing SQL Server Databases to SQL Azure

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