Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comparison between Litespeed Backup and Native Backup Compression

Following article would help you understand the benefit of taking backup using litespeed. The backup file size with litespeed is far lighter than the native backup with compression. This is a well known fact that the compression of any backup depends on the data in the DB. This is why the ratio of this analysis can vary in different scenarios. I tested this with 5 different kind of DBs and always got better results with Litespeed. Let’s walk through:
Database size- 3GB
Comparison between native backup and litespeed backup-

--Native Backup
TO DISK= 'D:\towerbknative.bak'

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--Litespeed Backup
EXEC master.dbo.xp_backup_database
   , @filename='D:\towerbknative.bak'
   , @init=1
   , @compressionlevel = 8
   , @encryptionkey='Password' 

--Native Restore
FROM DISK= 'D:\towerbknative.bak'

--Litespeed Restore
EXEC master.dbo.xp_restore_database
   , @filename='D:\towerbknative.bak'
   , @encryptionkey='Password'
Considering the Newbies in litespeed, let me explain how to take the litespeed backup at Litespeed console.
Step 1- Go to Backup Manager wizard in LiteSpeed consol
Step 2- Select Backup type as Fast Compression-

Step 3- Next > Select the backup destination>Next Fast Compression type- Select Self-containded backup sets.

Step 4- Next>Next> Compression :Select Compression level as 8 which is highest level of compression.
Give your encryption password

Step 5- Finish. Your backup is created in the destination.
In my case the backup was of 3GB and my LiteSpeed backup size after fast Compression, is only 753KB.
You can see the status of your backup job in the job manager window by clicking Cntr+5:

Same way you can restore the DB using Litespeed Restore Backup Wizard in Backup Manager.-


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