Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ready for the next layoff

Layoff has become a norm. We observe that many companies fire bulk of employees. Automation, Robotics and Cloud business are important factors which are causing huge layoffs.

This is a new paradigm shift which all of us will be observing for a couple of years. How to perp yourself to make sure you are not laid off. To make sure that you are not the soft target you should know your Boss Compatibility Matrix. If your boss compatibility matrix is negative then you could be a soft target for the next layoff and hence work on the below guidance.

Job-Flip Preparedness Guidance
  1. Are you relevant in the current market, if not then focus on your technical and domain skills?
  2. Are you prepared for the interview? Working and interview preparation are different so focus on your interview preparation. Good article on INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  can give you a glimpse how interview could be different from office work.
  3. Are you expecting your bonus in next two or three months? If yes then are you aware how much bonus are you expecting? If it is not huge amount then better to flip the job now because after bonus cycle there will be more competition.
  4. Did you submit your resume to all the important job seeking sites? There are couple of sites which have better functionality than others eg some seekers like dice, some like careerbuilder while other like Great link to know about which site is better.
  5. Are you ready to relocate? If not then you are limiting your options. If you are on rent then my suggestion is to remain open for the relocation if you don't have other huge dependencies.

Personal Guidance
  1. Do you have enough liquidity to survive if you are laid off? If you don't then you should figure out what expenditures could you stop, what are other options of saving, how could you avoid late fees on any credit card or utility bills.
  2. Do you have your own house or live on rent? If you live on rent then it will really bite your pocket right after lay off. Make sure that you provision enough money for at least next couple of months.
  3. Do you have a huge credit card bill to be paid? Make sure you transfer your bill to another card to buy time or pay at least minimum so that it doesn't attract the late fees.
  4. Are you married and have family? If yes then there could be other liabilities as well which you should focus on eg school fees, school session, entertain wife and kids, visit close relatives etc.
  5. Are you healthy? If not then make sure you start healthy practices ie Yoga, multivitamin tablets etc which will help you manage stress.

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