Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to Handle Sexual Harassment at workplace

Sexual harassment at work place is prevalent. It can be termed as bullying, unwelcome sexual advances and asking sexual favors at workplace. Harassment can happen to anyone and probability of recurrence increases if not tackled professionally. This is often observed that we don't talk enough on this topic. Some EEOC stats as per link
  • 79% of victims are women, 21% are men.
  • 51% are harassed by a supervisor.
  • Business, trade, banking, and finance are the biggest industries where sexual harassment occurs.
  • 12% received threats of termination if they did not comply with their requests. 

How to handle the sexual harassment-
  1. This needs to be documented. Victim should send out a mail to the offender informing that she/he is shocked with his/her actions on date at particular venue. I discussed this situaltion with my relatives and they asked me to inform you about my feelings. The victim has to be very professional.
  2. Victim needs to make sure that he seek for the read receipt of the mail, if possible. This will help procure proof against the offender in case he/she doesn't respond the mail.
  3. After you have proof and you shared your reluctance/objection towards offender's actions, feel free to send out mail to HR/skip if it repeats.
There are some weird advices from colleagues to tackle this situation. It makes the situation worse than before. Not to do:
1. Call police especially when you don't have proof.
2. Send out mail to skip or HR without any hard proof.
3. Find out her/his spouse and set-up a sync up.

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